Life insurance for everyday people.

Everyday Life is an online insurance concierge service revolutionizing the process of obtaining life insurance for everyday people. The traditional process of obtaining the right life insurance is broken, so we built technology to make it easier, simpler, and more cost-effective to obtain personalized advice and customized life insurance coverage. 

Your unique circumstances shape your life insurance needs, and as circumstances change over time, your life insurance policy should automatically adjust, too. When you complete a simple, free, 5-minute questionnaire on the Everyday Life platform, your answers are combined with population data and analyzed by our algorithm. This analysis then delivers a personalized life insurance recommendation in a way that makes sense for you. You're then just a click away from purchasing this tailored plan via Everyday Life's insurance partner.

In providing everyone with free access to personalized expert advice and cost-effective life insurance, we're making financial security more achievable than ever before. 

To find out more, visit our How It Works page or get started with your personalized recommendation.

Let us show you how simple and affordable the right life insurance can be.


Jake Tamarkin

CEO + Co-Founder

Jake Tamarkin brings an extensive track record of innovation and insurance knowledge to the team. Throughout his work, Jake is known for his strategic insight, collaboration and integrity in service of making financial services more useful and inclusive. Prior to founding Everyday Life, Jake was a valued leader at top financial services firms, including EY, BNY Mellon and MetLife. He holds an MBA from The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and lives with his spouse, two kids and dog in Andover, MA. In his spare time, Jake enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities.


Meet the Team

Dipali Trivedi

CTO + Co-Founder

Dipali Trivedi is an experienced technologist and passionate entrepreneur. Dipali has over 10 years experience leading engineering teams to build SAAS and PAAS solutions using big data, microservices and cloud computing. Prior to founding Everyday Life, Dipali founded CloudFountain Inc, a company that specializes in architectural consulting and project implementation using new generation technologies. She holds an MBA from MIT, and Masters of Computer Engineering from VJTI. Dipali lives in Belmont, MA with her husband and two kids, and she enjoys dance, running and traveling.



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