Life Insurance that 
adapts to your needs


Life is ever-changing.

Your life insurance should be as well.

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Our Plans are based on:

the support your
work provides

for each of your
loved ones

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Get a tailored plan 
unique to your life goals.

Life insurance should cover the support you will provide your loved ones until you retire.

Coverage should change as kids grow up, salaries change, savings build and life happens. YET most life insurance plans have the same coverage for the policy lifetime. 

With Everyday Life, your insurance will adjust as your life does. You’ll never overpay for the coverage you need.

a reasonable time estimate for how long 
your loved ones will
need the support

the ability of your savings to reduce 
the amount of insurance needed.

Child Graduation
Children not permanently disabled can be self-sufficient after college
Life Expectancy
Support for elders and disabled people is estimated based on typical lifespan

Support you provide after you retire is not coming from your work

Your money (minus certain debt) offsets your insurance needs

You deserve 
expert service and advice

We take real life into account.

Your needs will change over time. It’s just common sense that your life insurance should do the same.

No games, guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on our objective expert advice.  No pressure or scare tactics and no selling you stuff you don’t need.

Technology + Personal Service

We simplify life insurance by combining innovative technology with personal service, because we believe you deserve better.

Life Insurance in 3 easy steps.

We assess your life insurance needs in less than 3 minutes with a few questions.


Our proprietary technology designs a coverage plan tailored uniquely to you.


Purchase your plan via a quick phone call, or explore options online, over the phone or via chat.


No extra time or paperwork necessary! 

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What makes us special?

The Only Needs Based Approach for Online Life Insurance

We look at your whole life, instead of trying to find a plan that only takes your budget into account. We believe that if you do a good job of assessing your needs, the right coverage is likely to be within your budget. Get coverage that you can afford and that you feel good about.

Better Results

Backed by a financially stable underwriter, Everyday Life is the only online resource that follows Financial Planners best practices for calculating your needs.

Most of our plans are 50% cheaper than other life insurance products. Get coverage that covers your loved ones at a price you can afford.


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