Stop overpaying for life insurance!


Life is ever-changing.

Your life insurance should be, too.

Our plans are based on:

the support your
work provides

to each of your
loved ones

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Life insurance should cover all of the support you provide your loved ones - now and in the future.

Your coverage should change over time as kids grow up, savings build and life happens. But most life insurance poilicies just stay the same the whole time.  
How does that make sense?!?

With Everyday Life, your insurance adjusts as your life does. 

You’ll never overpay for the coverage you need.

a reasonable time estimate for how long 
your loved ones will
need the support

the ability of your savings to offset 
the amount of insurance needed.

Child Graduation
Children not permanently disabled can be self-sufficient after college
Life Expectancy
Support for elders and disabled people is estimated based on typical lifespan

Support you provide after you retire is not coming from your work

Your money (minus certain debt) offsets your insurance needs

You deserve the best

We take real life into account.

Your needs will change over time. It’s just common sense that your life insurance should do the same.

No games, guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on our objective expert advice.  No pressure or selling you stuff you don’t need.

Technology + Personal Service

Our technology makes it easy to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford, but we're also ready to support you on the phone, chat, text or email - whatever works for you!

3 easy steps to the best life insurance

Take a brief anonymous survey in less than 3 minutes.


Our proprietary technology designs a coverage plan tailored uniquely to you.


Purchase your plan or explore other options online or over the phone.


No paperwork ever - No medical exams in most cases 

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What makes us special?

The Only Needs Based Approach for Life Insurance Online

Personal finance experts know that our approach is the right one. They call it "term laddering" or "policy stacking" and before we came along it cost thousands of dollars to get one built to your needs. We do it for free in 3 minutes and don't even ask for your email!

Better Results

With all of our policies issued by Legal & General, an A-rated insurer with 184 years, $1.3T in assets and over 10 million customers, you really can have it all: the best coverage at the lowest price.

Our plans are often at least 50% cheaper than the typical, one-size-fits all plans others try to sell you. Protect your loved ones without sacrificing other priorities. 


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